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Sunrise Submissions

Sunrise Submissioner Blue Belt Unisex Rash Guard

Sunrise Submissioner Blue Belt Unisex Rash Guard

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Armor for the Early Risers
For the brave souls of the Sunrise Submissions movement, who believe that the best way to greet the day is by rolling on the mats at 4:45 AM, this Elite Jiu Jitsu Rash Guard is your battle gear. It's not just a rash guard; it's a proclamation that you're serious about your dreams, even if it means getting out of bed while the moon's still out.

Built for the Bold
This rash guard isn't just about looking good while you question your life choices at dawn. It's crafted with high-tech, moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry and comfortable during those intense training sessions. The material is as resilient as your will to train while the rest of the world hits snooze, ensuring it lasts longer than your fleeting motivation on cold mornings.

Style That Speaks Louder Than Words
Who knew a piece of training apparel could make such a statement? With its sleek design and bold colors, this rash guard says, "Yes, I do train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at an ungodly hour, and yes, I do believe this will somehow lead to achieving my wildest dreams." It's perfect for those who want to look as sharp as their arm bars, even if their most significant audience is the sunrise.

It is slim-fitted with flat ergonomic seams, and a bit longer than your casual tee for extra comfort and protection.
• 82% polyester, 18% spandex
• Very soft four-way stretch fabric that stretches and recovers on the cross and lengthwise grains
• UPF 50+
• Comfortable longer body and sleeves
• Flat seam and coverstitch
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